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The staff at Winchburgh Primary school have made a conscious and sustained effort to create an Autism friendly environment for the whole class to support the pupils who have a diagnosis of ASD.  This was highlighted by one of the team as an example of good practice which has had a positive impact for the individual pupils, the class and the school community.

In the class there are targets displayed which can be referred to at any time to help support pupils to meet their goals, when targets are met pupils earn reward time.  Visual timetables are used and updated on a daily basis.  The school have also used Calm cards, these allow a time out break of ten minutes when a situation is becoming over stimulating for the pupil and have helped to develop self-control and resilience.  Ear defenders are also available to support in these situations.  There are also cards in use which allow the adult to request a time out for the pupil if they are not aware of how they are presenting.  The school have also created a designated safe space, this was designed and put together with input from pupils and has helped to manage behaviour.  The use of all the strategies above has been underpinned by introducing Social Stories to ensure understanding of all involved.

Pupil passports have been introduced.  These are created with the pupil and staff and highlight their strengths and interests, any issues or concerns they have and agreed strategies to use when situations are not going to plan.  This passport has been shared across the whole learning community to ensure support is appropriate at all times.  The staff of the school use effective de-escalation techniques and how they present when things are not going to plan.  There has been a focus on staying calm and in control to support the pupils to regain control and make good decisions.  The whole school have access to a flow chart of procedures to follow in the event of an angry episode, this has been shared with the parents.  Restorative conversations take place after incidents and the making amends for any wrongdoing when everyone is in a calm place.  Restorative practice has also been introduced to the parents to help with managing incidents out with school.

Key Takes

·         Best results are achieved when up to date information is shared and understood across the whole learning community.

·         To effectively meet the pupils needs the school and family have to support and be involved in the decision making process.

·         To create a nurturing environment to support the pupils the school have been conscious of their actions and consistent in their applications.


Winchburgh - Calm Card